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Fostering Community

Hello fellow Un-Wasters!

Lauren here, keeping you updated on our Un-Waste Movement progress!

So far, the Un-Waste ball has been rolling and is now growing into a strong driving force. The amount of people wanting to get involved has been surprising and bountiful and we can't get enough of it! Since fostering community is one of our main priorities here at Un-Waste, we want to stay connected in whatever way we can. Getting feedback from you is how we can do our best to make a significant change on a global scale!

As far as social media goes, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now Reddit! We've created the subreddit r/Unwasters for the convenience of our community. Here you can share articles, videos, or pictures about the Un-Waste Movement, communicate with other Un-Wasters, or read up about the latest progress of Un-Wasters in your local community and around the world. Most importantly, you can communicate with US about anything related to our services, our movement, or just share your criticisms and/or admiration! Everyone loves positive reinforcement, right? So if you're a regular Redditor (or even if you're not), please subscribe to our subreddit and stay connected! We couldn't keep up this momentum without the help and support of our community, so thank you for everyone who has joined this movement thus far!

In the meantime, happy Un-Wasting all!

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