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Keeping Up With Un-Waste

Hello everyone! We are overwhelmed by the amount of support we are getting and wanted to start this blog to keep track of our progress here at Un-Waste, so that you're always in the know!

Our first event at Bear Creek Herbary in Howell was a HUGE success. Thank you to all the Un-Wasters that came to our table! The support we received was much greater than our expectations and we're happy to say that thanks to you, we are really getting this movement going now, and it's picking up speed faster than we can catch up! Many people used the bins we had set up to dispose of their compostable waste which was awesome of you all. Unfortunately, one of the most common items people brought us were paper coffee cups, which of course are compostable, except for those pesky plastic lids! Now we did some research, and found that there are a ton of compostable items for sale! For those of you that use paper to go cups at home, you can try the link listed at the bottom of this paragraph instead, and then throw the whole thing (including the lid) right into your Un-Waste bin! Of course the best alternative would be to use reusable travel mugs, but we think its a good idea for all of you to have access to buying compostable items, like utensils, straws, and cups, plates, the works! So watch out for posts with links to buy these items, because we want to help you guys obtain easy access to these things. Eventually, we hope to be selling these items ourselves on our website so everyone can find everything compostable that they need in one convenient online location. We also want to make sure we know you guys are getting a good price while helping out the world (but for now all we can do is help you find out where to buy them).

Lastly, we wanted to say thank you to everyone that has already signed up for our newsletter, and remind everyone else that its super easy to sign up at the bottom of our homepage! We won't spam you with emails or send anything unnecessary, just some updates and important information! And you can unsubscribe at any time, so why not sign up and see what the Un-Waste Movement is all about? This isn't about spamming you for your information or anything, it's about spreading the word and showing that what you do actually makes a difference. And imagine if everyone got in on it? We'd be that much closer to healing the planet! So spread the word about the Un-Waste Movement, follow and share us on social media: @unwastemovement, and we'll see you at your next pick up!

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