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Can I Un-Waste That?



At Un-Waste, we accept ALL food scraps (this includes products that you wouldn't normally throw in your backyard compost bin such as meats, dairy, and (small amounts of) fats, oils, or grease.  Please see the list below for an inclusive list of all materials that we accept in our bins

Food and vegetable scraps  |  Meat and animal products such as animal bones  |  Food stained paper/cardboard (unless coated in plastic  |  Wax-coated paper  |  Shredded paper that cannot be recycled  |  Hair  |  Coffee grounds/filters  |  Nut shells  |  Tea leaves/bags (without staples)  |  Cork (not plastic type)  |  Plant scraps  |  Wood (toothpicks, popsicle sticks, coffee stirrers)  |  Cotton Products (no linens) |  Pet food

If you are unsure about what you can or cannot toss in your bin, please call/text

(929) 324-6689


The following is a list of materials that we do NOT accept in our bins.  We are not currently accepting compostable plastics in our bins, although this may change in the future.  We like to encourage the adage Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, in that order.

Please consider what you throw in your bins as they are being re-cycled back into the circular economy of nature!

COMPOSTABLE / BIODEGRADABLE PLASTICS  |  Plastic  |  Styrofoam  |  Cat and dog waste  |  Textiles if not 100% cotton  |  Tea bag staples  |  Cigarette butts  |  Produce stickers  |  Dairy containers (even if paper)  |  Diapers  |  Sanitary Products  |  Metals  |  Recyclable materials  |  Any radioactive, volatile, corrosive, flammable, explosive, biomedical, infectious, bio-hazardous, regulated medical or hazardous waste, toxic substance or material, as defined by, characterized or listed under applicable federal, state, or local laws or regulations

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