Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey

Phone    (929) 324-6689

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OUR services


How does it work?


Separate your organics from your regular solid waste bin & specify a convenient location for us to pick it up!*

Service runs on a weekly basis.  Depending on your location, we will set up a specific day of the week for pick-up.


Each customer will receive a list containing the most regularly found household items that can be composted and what cannot.

*For businesses and apartment complexes, the setup may vary.


Leave us a full bucket and get back a fresh, clean empty one.

One Bucket (5 Gallons)

$28/month + $30 Initiation Fee

Service includes one (1) 5-gallon bucket to be replaced weekly. 

Two Buckets (10 Gallons)

$36/month + $45 Initiation Fee

Service includes two (2) 5-gallon buckets to be replaced weekly.


Now accepting commercial inquiries!

Please call us at (929) 324-6689 for more details!