Our Mission

Our mission at Un-Waste is to encourage a global shift back into a circular economy by inspiring individuals to rethink the idea of organics as a resource rather than as waste.

about us

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Un-Waste is a Residential and Commercial Organics Micro Hauling business based out of Brick, NJ.  Un-Waste aims to inspire and educate individuals on the value of food scraps and organics recycling.  We emphasize the importance of how this highly wasted resource can instead be used to create sustainable products such as soil amendments, biogas, and renewable electricity.  Through our efficient and high quality services, we assist a wide variety of establishments from single apartment dwellers to large corporate entities in decreasing their carbon footprints and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.  By way of various social outreach platforms - live and virtual - we are able to implement local community action with a global state of mind. 

organics recycling

We offer small scale residential and commercial organics collection in select towns throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties.   Additionally, we specialize in direct haul operations and logistics for high-capacity organic waste producers throughout the state of New Jersey.   For larger scale operations, we offer staff education and training on source separated organics.  Account acquisition and management of hauling operations are also processed through our company in conjunction with haulers throughout New Jersey.

Domestic Waste Bin